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Person in a blue shirt working on a laptop in a well-lit room with brick walls and a window.
Website interface collage with various stills from the website.


Stratify Search, a leading recruitment agency in Dubai, partnered with to create a robust online presence. With just a name provided, we crafted a comprehensive visual identity and website, enhancing their digital footprint in the industry.

Three colleagues standing next to each other leaning and looking down at project work scattered on a table.
Multiple stills of the website showcasing its various aesthetic aspects.


Our strategy was to design a visually appealing and SEO-friendly website that resonates with their target clientele. We developed a unique visual identity using a color palette of blue, orange, and dark grey, and incorporated professional images depicting various office tasks. The website, designed in Figma and developed in Webflow, was enriched with strategically placed keywords and optimized copy, enhancing its visibility in search engine results.

Asian staff member wearing a blue shirt and holding a tablet in vivid orange and gazing into the room with the background blurred and greyscaled.
Multiple stills of the website showcasing its various aesthetic aspects.


The result was a high-performing website that not only effectively communicated the brand’s message but also ranked well in search engine results. The user-friendly interface and SEO-optimized content significantly increased web traffic and user engagement. The project’s success was marked by Stratify Search being acquired by a competitor brand shortly after the website launch. This project showcases our expertise in delivering SEO-optimized website solutions for them and potential future partner brands.

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