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A collage of website pages showcasing luxury home rentals, descriptions, and images of activities, all from the Lalande Laborie estate.
A website header showcasing the dense tree canopy of the Perigord region with text overlay announcing 'Luxury Estate Home Rentals in the Perigord.


Lalande Laborie, an esteemed luxury home rental in the heart of France, aspired to digital excellence to match the opulence of their physical estate. Their commitment to elegance and exclusivity propelled them to seek a digital transformation that would not only encapsulate the grandeur of their offerings but also refine the booking experience for their distinguished guests. The core objective was to elevate their digital presence, curating an intuitive, elegant, and efficient online platform that would offer a seamless and sophisticated booking journey, reflecting the lavishness of the estate and enhancing the user experience from the first interaction.

Elegant bedroom interior featuring a large bed with a red coverlet, antique furniture, and a striking wall art piece of a stag above the bed.
A split-screen image featuring three different luxury accommodations at Lalande Laborie, each depicting the unique charm and setting of the estate.


Our strategy began with detailed design sessions in Figma, meticulously capturing Lalande Laborie's luxurious essence. We refined the design iteratively, ensuring it aligned perfectly with the estate's aesthetic and functional demands. A pivotal part of our approach was the integration of a robust booking system, merging Stripe's seamless payment processing with the Sirvoy booking management application to facilitate direct and effortless reservations. The holistic digital transformation spanned beyond aesthetics; we engaged in comprehensive content creation and strategy implementation, tailoring every digital touchpoint to mirror the brand's luxurious positioning.

A laptop on a wooden table displaying a website homepage with the title 'Luxury Estate Home Rentals in the Perigord' set against a forest backdrop.
A majestic three-story residence with balconies and classic architecture, surrounded by colorful autumn trees in a serene estate setting.


The culmination of our efforts is a polished and user-friendly digital platform, mirroring the exclusivity and luxury of Lalande Laborie. The website's design elements were carefully selected to resonate with the opulence of the estate, offering visitors a preview of the luxurious experience awaiting them. The new integrated booking and payment system has redefined convenience, providing a streamlined, satisfying customer experience. Furthermore, we empowered the Lalande Laborie team with the necessary skills for digital self-management, fostering an online presence that can evolve with the brand. The enhanced website has not only raised the estate's digital profile but also significantly boosted online engagement and direct bookings, drawing in guests in search of premier luxury accommodations.

A quaint stone cottage with a gray slate roof, nestled among lush greenery and trees with autumn foliage, situated beside a tranquil pond.

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