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Interior view of Cortado Coffee Bar with a focus on the menu board displaying a variety of coffee options in both English and Arabic, prices in QAR, and the reflection of light on sleek, dark surfaces.
Spacious and modern seating area of Cortado Coffee Bar with white designer chairs and tables, plush dark sofas, and potted plants, under a bright, well-lit interior with large windows.


Cortado Coffee Bar, on the cusp of launching a new store, sought to expand their brand without losing the core of their established identity. The task at hand was to dive deep into the existing brand essence and evolve it into a suite of new design materials. The challenge lay in maintaining the integrity of Cortado's branding while ensuring that each element—from the storefront façade to the packaging—felt like an organic extension of the brand, ready to welcome patrons both new and old.

A closer view of Cortado Coffee Bar's serving area showcasing a pastry display, menu board, and beverage fridge, with a barista partially visible behind the counter.
Close-up of Cortado Coffee Bar's menu board highlighting coffee selections such as Espresso, Americano, and the Cortado Signature, with prices listed in QAR against a textured brown backdrop.


Our approach was rooted in continuity and thoughtful adaptation. Delving into Cortado’s current design and brand ethos, we conducted a meticulous analysis to fully understand and capture the spirit of their identity. With this insight, we developed a suite of design deliverables that were both familiar and fresh. This strategy involved the careful crafting of a harmonious façade, a clear and inviting menu board, and packaging that was unmistakably Cortado—each element designed to be instantly recognizable and seamlessly integrated with the coffee bar's beloved style.

Stacked black coffee cups with the Cortado Coffee Bar logo, elegantly presented against a blurred background, emphasizing the brand's distinctive design.
Interior of Cortado Coffee Bar featuring an assortment of coffee products for retail, a QR code for the menu, and a neatly organized display case of bottled beverages.


The result was a cohesive design narrative that flawlessly echoed the Cortado ethos in the new store's visual touchpoints. The façade welcomed customers with the warm familiarity of the brand, the menu board presented their offerings with clarity and brand-aligned aesthetics, and the packaging continued the Cortado story in customers' hands. The design deliverables resonated with Cortado's established audience and preserved the brand's essence, ensuring a consistent experience that aligns with the quality and comfort patrons have come to expect from Cortado Coffee Bar.

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